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Make your home an oasis.

Sustainable garden design Ballarat, Castlemaine, Daylesford and beyond.


We transform outdoor spaces into sustainable gardens that attract life and nurture wellbeing. 


The state of your garden stresses you out.

  • There are problem areas that stump you.

  • You've got no idea where to start.

  • You've killed one too many plants.

  • You feel guilty about your footprint.

  • You want to improve your lifestyle.

  • You want to future-proof your home and its value.

A clear vision to move forward.

We'll work closely with you to turn your unused areas into sanctuaries that:​​
  • Draw you outside. 

  • Help you switch off.

  • Improve climate resilience.

  • Reduce your footprint.

  • Support ecosystems.

  • Extend living space.

  • Add value to your home.


Digitally walk through your future garden with a 3D render.

Next Steps

A free phone consultation to discuss your garden goals. This phone call will help you understand your space's potential and plan your next steps.

Step 1:

Book a call.

We'll meet you in your garden, where we'll get to know you, your taste, your needs and your wants as you walk us through your space. 

Step 2:

Organise a site visit.

Step 3:

Presentation of your dream garden.

Digitally walk through your future garden. We'll then help you develop a roadmap for the installation.


How to work with us

The Lush Landscape Package

Everything you need to set up a sustainable garden, even if you know nothing about plants.

We’ll transform unused areas into sustainable gardens that draw you outside, help you unwind, energise daily life and add value to your home, all while helping the planet.

From $5,997 for a suburban block.

From $7,997 for a rural property.


What’s included? - On-site consultation and site analysis. - Site plan and 3D render. - Landscape palette. - Plants and materials schedule. - One round of revisions. - Recommended contractors. - Installation support.


What our clients say

"The process was made very easy with Jono and Kate understanding our needs but also adding their creative flair and knowledge to design our perfect oasis."

Trudy, 2022


Our projects


Hi, we're Jono and Kate.

Let us help you achieve the nourishing lifestyle you've always dreamed of. 

We founded Biodiverse Garden Design in early 2022. With backgrounds in landscape construction, permaculture and fine art practice, we believe in bringing magic to the everyday. Our garden supports the health of our family and we're passionate about helping others achieve the same. In the past, we struggled to switch off and our fast-paced lifestyle left us burnt out. We were concerned about the changing climate and had no idea how to make a difference. Today, we live in harmony with the seasons and we're connected to something bigger than ourselves. We nurture ecosystems and attract organisms we'd previously never seen or heard of. We grow our own food and know the simple pleasure of foraging for earthy mushrooms in autumn. We bounce out of bed and drift off with ease. There's a proven link between natural spaces and mental health. They can reduce stress and improve sleep, mood and energy levels. Being able to hear birds also has demonstrated mental health benefits. It's incredible to think that something that supports our wellbeing, and that of the planet, can also add value to a home. But, it's been widely reported that buyers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly homes as sustainability becomes the norm. Aligning home life with nature has so many benefits. In biodiverse spaces, we thrive.


Get in touch

Ballarat, Clunes, Daylesford and beyond.

0403 345 559

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Do you service Melbourne?

Absolutely! We love visiting Melbourne.

Do you have a travel radius?

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch for more information. We're also available to work via Zoom.

Do you work over Zoom?

We sure do. We love Zooming with clients. 

Do you work with DIYers?

Yes! Our site plan guides DIYers superstars as it includes measurements and instructions, while our installation consultation helps you map out your next steps. 

Do you create your own 3D renders?

Yes, we do. This is an essential part of our design process.

When should I contact you to book my design?

As a small business we can only take 1-2 clients a month and book out many months in advance. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested.

I'm renovating/building. When should I engage you?

As early as possible. Looking at dirt isn't just bad for your wellbeing; without a garden, you're vulnerable to damage from extreme weather events

How long does it take?

Once we've conducted the initial site consultation, you'll receive your First Draft within 8-10 weeks.

Do you build as well as design?

We're a design-only business, but we work with trusted contractors who we can recommend for the build.

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